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roman16 bvdm Reference Images contents

Abbildung Titelseite, Innenseiten 8 und 9

Documentation (brochure) with introduction, comprehensive instructions for use and explanations of the 16 images.

Image roman16 DVD 1 Image roman16 DVD 2

Two DVDs with 16 reference images in the following file formats:
RGB 16 bit 700 dpi (16 files), Grey 16 bit 700 dpi (3 files)
CMYK 8 bit 700 dpi (16 files), CMYK 16 bit 700 dpi (16 files)

ICC-Profiles: eciRGB v2 and ISO Coated v2 (ECI)

Characterization data: FOGRA39 and FOGRA39L

Image roman16 Booklet

Separate A6 folder with the 16 reference images

Project team – Participants

Terms of use (PDF)